Prices for Chiropody Treatments

We provide preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems affecting the feet, ankle and lower legs.

Initial Appointment £23
Includes assessment, advice and general treatment
General Treatment £23
May include nailcare, callus, corns, pressure relief padding
Simple Nailcare £14
Shorter appointment for people who have difficulty managing normal nailcare
Biomechanical Assessment £40
Includes assessment, advice about footwear and standard insoles / orthotics, and casting for custom-made orthotics, if required
Nail Surgery from £105
Includes local anaesthetic, partial or complete nail removal and dressings
Simple Insoles from £15
To provide cushioning, support or pressure relief
Standard Orthotics from £25
To support the foot and help to relieve heel, arch and forefoot pain. May also help with knee problems and shin splints
Custom-made Orthotics from £85
Designed for each individual to take account of biomechanical problems, activity and footwear
Verruca Treatment £14
Chemical or cryotherapy